The Company provides advanced, highly predictive, and reasonably priced software for trading global financial instruments in multiple time frames. The technologies incorporate rule-based discretionary, semi-automated and fully automated approaches that may be traded as a complete package or integrated with other methods.  The indicators and trading panel can be applied to all markets. The company is owned and operated by a person named, “Sam” and the website has been in existence since January 2013 (Archive.Org). The company maintains a web address at 12TradePro.Com, however, the company currently prefers the name “Best Pro Trade”.  Reading through the ‘About’ section on their website it appears that “Sam” seems to be an experienced trader. Also states “the company’s founder, an aircraft engineer, is a consistently profitable trader whose qualifications include 15 years of extensive experience, research and programming. He discovered that most traders properly are not equipped to interpret movements of price.”

The Product

The company offers a variety of products which include indicators and automated algo systems. The results shown on the website consist of screenshots however it is confusing and questionable as you don’t really know what you are looking at.  There are links to videos, but again there is no reference made to say if these are actual live trades taking place or hypothetical.  There is little transparency.


A one week trial of indicators for $500.

A financing plan that includes an indicator package for one single computer at $1,250 upfront fee, plus $250 per month for 18 months, a grand total of $5,750.

A financing plan for two computers at $1,545 upfront fee, plus $350 per month for 20 months, a grand total of $8,545.

Or, a one-time purchase price for a single trading computer at $4,995. If a person would like to install the software on two computers, then the price is $6,995.

In addition to these products and payment plans, the company is also is offering a mixed bag of indicators and auto trading methods priced from as $995 up to $3,495.


12TRADEPRO Reviews and Testimonials

Very mixed reviews are scattered on the internet regarding this company…

12TRADEPRO Testimonial.png

This broker is a total scam. Before you deposit they call you everyday and promise everything to you, training, signals and huge profits. After I deposited they changed me broker to a guy called himself Steven Baxter, he said ha had wide experience from JP Morgan but looked suspicious because his East Europe accent. He called me everyday and told he had a great business opportunities for me and will make me rich, he told me Aramco was doing IPO in first week of April and he asked me to deposit 300k USD so after the so called IPO I can make 1M in 2 weeks investing in TADAWUL index. I did research and found no news about the upcoming IPO, in fact news mentioned this IPO for next year. I told him that but he insisted he was right, it looked suspicious and I declined his offer. He insisted that deposit at least 75k I can get 500k in 2 months. I refused and so far there is no IPO or news about it. He even did a trade for me which made me win 200$ to convince me but it made me more reluctant. If they have access to my account what else they can do? After I reject this business the guy disappear for few days and called again to arrange an appointment to teach me about trading and doing my investment plan. It sounded great but there was not such thing as teaching, it was again another “business opportunity”, he asked me to invest 100k in the pair EURUSD which according to him in the next 2 months is going to reach 1.13. One month later pair still 1.23. I refused to deposit more money and he got angry told me I wasted his time and so on. I decided to withdraw the money I had there because I dont feel comfortable those guys asking money every week for tradings I think are fake. Now I know if I would deposit what they asked I never see that money again. I tried to withdraw my money but 4 weeks later I still waiting and no news from them or any answer. Fake Steven got angry again because I withdraw but what should I do with all that? platform is really bad (I think is a fake platform) and brokers only want your money. Avoid them in all costs.

12-trade pro review


Final Word

‘Sam’ has been referred to as a marketer by various other external reviewers based on the fact that he has numerous domain names registered and he refuses to give his true identity, as well as hard-selling claims made by clients. Add to that the disorganised structure of the website, it is difficult to understand what is on offer and what the results are actually based upon.  Given there is no transparency or positive reviews for this company we rank them 0/10 as it is highly likely to be a scam business.


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