The Company

Quant Savvy is an algorithmic trading systems software development company located in the United Kingdom. They develop automated trading algorithmic systems which are supported by popular trading platforms such as Tradestation and MultiCharts. Michael Singer is the founder of Quant Savvy and has been developing and trading fully automated trading systems for over a decade. Michael Singer and his team develop all the systems and Michael has thousands of hours experience on finding edges to beat the market. His support staff also has extensive futures trading knowledge.

They claim their long-term goal is for their Clients to increase their position size and therefore increase profitability. Quant Savvy systems are exclusive so do have cut off points where they won’t accept new clients, this is to ensure the existing client base can continue to increase position size without any degradation of system edge. Quant Savvy only want to make money if their clients make money which is reflected in their pricing structure, as they see this as the only fair way to conduct business and form long-lasting business relationships.

The Product

The Chimera Bot automated trading system is offered which consists of a portfolio of seven systems designed for all market conditions. All systems are independent and uncorrelated, and the portfolio is weighted equally long and short. The markets traded are US Emini Futures markets such as ES, YM and NQ. The Qaunt Savvy website provides extensive analysis of the Chimera Bot performance which is extremely helpful for prospective clients to help them make an informed decision when purchasing as it shows transparency.

For the novice, they even provide explanations of the metrics so that you fully understand what you should be looking for when comparing systems and performance. Quant Savvy is the only company to provide a Monte-Carlo analysis which no other algorithmic trading software company has shared. They also have live trading results for full transparency available upon request from an external brokerage.


Although specific pricing is not available on the website, you can request this from the company directly.

Update Nov 2020:

We spoke with Michael Singer via call and he informed us there is just a fee per Emini contract traded which works out $200 per month. This reflects their ethos of only looking for long-term relationships with clients by only making money if they do.

Nearly every other algo trading company tends to have very high upfront fees whereas Quant Savvy seem very fair especially considering they are paying for all servers, monitoring fee. This is a fantastic way to build consumer confidence in their product, we love the idea of a partnership between algo trading bot and the investor. If only we had more algorithmic trading companies take this approach.

Our Quant Savvy Review

Looking at the website we have a lot of information to digest. The Quant Savvy blog also offers some good artciles especially on drawdown and position sizing during a volatile market.

The whole website is very transparent and honest, they have a great company timeline which shows their algorithmic trading journey. It is all very impressive and informative at the same time.

We were passed on some details of clients from Mike directly. Brad from Texas and Allan from the UK. We spoke to Brad on the phone who informs us he as been with Quant Savvy since 2015 trading now the 12 bot Synergy Bot portfolio they offer. This was an interesting call because Brad shared his results with us. He mentioned many times that he has a lot of control over his account as he chooses how many contracts he trades per system, essentially, he controls one half of this trading system. The performance was solid, he did experience a drawdown in March 2018 but now is very profitable for the year.

We conversed with Allan on Skype and he has been trading the Chimera Bot which is a seven-system portfolio since 2017. This portfolio being only seven systems is designed for smaller accounts and has been even less volatile than the 12 bot portfolio. Allan has been trading 3 contracts throughout all of 2017 and 2018. The results show excellent monthly performance with only a drawdown in May and June in 2018. The Chimera Bot results show amazing performance during volatile periods like we have had recently.

In terms of content the only critism we can make is that the blog is not updated as frequently as we would like. However, we can understand Mike’s position on this as he states the algorithm trading systems is their main priority and everything marketing based is secondary.

Latest Reviews of Clients of Quant Savvy

Quant Savvy provide a testimonials page on their website but also have externally audited reviews by a 3rd party ( who verifies the review is made by a legitimate Quant Savvy client. This provides reassurance for many as finding genuine reviews for other companies is extremely difficult.

Quant Savvy testimonial – M Wright

Quant Savvy M Wright

Quant Savvy testimonial – A Green

Quant Savvy A Green

Final Word on Quant Savvy

It seems that Quant Savvy has a fixed clientele and the reviews found on the web about the company were positive. The performance of their algorithmic system is good with extremely detailed analytical results available for even the experts in this industry to make an informed decision. Their pricing structure and willingness to share results which include commissions/slippage show that this company is being honest and transparent.

We have been reviewing algo trading companies for the past couple of years and we have not seen a pricing structure as fair as Quant Savvy. The results have been very good but what we liked the most was Michael Singer knowledge on portfolio sizing. He informed us many times that even with good algorithmic trading systems you still need good position sizing, this is one thing the investor must consider and control and will certainly pay to do your own research on the best way to allocate your capital.

Quant Savvy only takes on a fixed number of clients for each one of their portfolios to avoid liquidity issues which come along with trading too large. This is for serious investors only and they are certainly not targeting any individuals without investment experience.

Kudos to Quant Savvy, we will reach out to them again sometime in the next 12 months for an update.



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12 replies on “Quant Savvy Review

  1. Started in August 2018 and I am very surprised at how consistent the monthly performance has been. The portfolio worked amazingly during the slight meltdown in Oct and Nov. Very happy so far.


  2. Not new to algo trading systems and purchased some duds in the past :(. Decided to use Quant Savvy because they were transparent with their expectations and after speaking with the team I could sense they have a wealth of experience.
    I waited a whole year before giving my Quant Savvy review as I was told you have to play the odds and the results will show this over time. Last 12 months have been really solid, I think we had a couple of losing months and every other month has been profitable. The suggestion was to start with $25,000 per contract but because of my previous experience, I was far more risk-averse. Started with $40,000 per contract and in the last 12 months, I have made at 61% return. The ride was smooth and we had limited exposure to the day to day market.

    So far it is much better than I expected and the team have been great, defo would recommend these guys.


  3. Glad I came across this website, hope you guys can review some more auto systems fairly as I would be nice to have fair honest reviews for some of these companies.
    Reading Nick’s review is very much in line with my Quant Savvy experience – everything is working as designed and so far so good. If I can compound this returns slowly as was suggested by the Quant Savvy team then I am hoping to get a very good passive income from this investment. My Quant Savvy review would be 9/10 so far…


    1. Thanks for visiting the site. We are aiming at many algorithmic trading reviews in the coming months, we are just getting things in place so we can expand on some of out topics. Please pop back soon to see read some of our updates.

      Thanks for confirming our Quant Savvy analysis.


  4. Quant Savvy website is pretty in-depth and I was surprised with the amount of information they provide you with, some concepts require additional research to really understand though, maybe that’s just my lack of knowledge :). I decided to just give it a punt with a small account and started trading the quant savvy algorithms. I am happy with the modest performance so far (even with the markets being a little dull right now). I’m hoping to increase my position size at the end of the month if all goes well. I will update this review in a few months and let you guys know how it is doing.


  5. Quant Savvy is a great company to deal with. They are really responsive and informative right from the start, it’s clear they know what they’re talking about. I started using their algos a month ago so can’t really comment on their long term performance just yet so will post an update later. But the setup was really easy and the Quant Savvy team were always on hand to help. I’m pleased with the service I have received so far.


  6. Thanks for the informative review, I decided to trial Quant Savvy 6 months ago with a small account size initially. My monthly gains were steady with some significant big wins when the volatility hit. I am now in a position to up my number of contracts and invest more with them. Customer service is excellent, Mike and Rene are really responsive. Their algos have outperformed some of my other investments with other algo providers, I’m a very happy customer.


    1. Hey Mark, I would be interested to hear how things are going with Quant Savvy, are you still trading their algos? I am looking to grow my investment and came across their website. I am in the middle of opening a brokerage account with Tradestation and looking to trade Quant Savvy’s system very soon…


      1. Hi Jon, I started trading with Quant Savvy a few months ago, during the extremely volatile period as a result of Covid! I am averaging a 2.3% return since I started, which I’m pleased with. The markets were crazy at times but I liked the fact that the Quant Savvy algorithms don’t take excessive risk with these market prices. Mike was clear that I had to take responsibility for position sizing and they have a useful section on their website that shows you what to expect based on different levels of risk which has helped guide me with the number of contracts to trade. The whole process was easy to get started, and the support team are extremely helpful.


  7. Having joined 4 months ago my impression of Quant Savvy is very positive. Getting started was easy, they did most of the setup for me and walked me through the steps I had to do. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, he knows what he is talking about and his wealth of experience in futures markets is apparent which gave me more confidence in using this company. My monthly return has netted out roughly 2.7% after data fees etc so far so good. Also, i would def recommend visiting their blog section on the website as some useful comparisons of brokers and platforms which helped me decide which I should opt for.


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