The Company

Dyno Trading is a trading vendor website that is solely owned and operated by Mark Wentz. Building a reputation on his ‘experience in trading of more than 20 years, ownership of a prop trading firm,  and being a top-earning trader in Chicago’, he created DynoTrading to help new traders climb the giant mountain of financial nonsense in the marketplace using “No indicators”.

The Product

Based on its functionality and description, Dyno Trading falls in the category of a trading indicator which can pin-point the beginning and end of trends.  According to its website, the day trading software product “is virtually guaranteed to pinpoint the exact top and exact bottom, of all trading markets.” Traders can use it for stocks, futures, forex, options, or any “tradable” markets.

Additionally, Dyno Trading works on any time frame. It also eliminates ‘chart noise’ and clearly identifies and displays the trend in the market, giving traders a clearer picture of the direction in which a trade is moving.

The proprietary DynoTrendlines algorithm uses Bar Volume Analysis to capture turning points in the markets, along with integrated price points on where proper stops should be placed. Its main focus is on Price Bars and Trendlines rather than Indicators. His other Dyno Trading products such as the Dynobars which claims to run a proprietary algorithm through your existing live data and re-displays ‘clean’ data removing ‘price distortion’ is questionable and gives the impression of a snake oil salesman.

According to information on the site, the Dyno Trading software “uses over 200 proprietary investment methods that are condensed into a single powerful signal”. What’s even more – the data streamed through this software is coming straight from the trading desk of Wall Street money managers.

The claims that Dyno trading is AI-driven are difficult to confirm and border on fraudulent as day trading and AI is an unlikely combination.


Although Dyno Trading costs $4,000 per year, pricing information for the different tiers of the software has been removed from the site. You can view a free demo and then contact Mark Wentz for more information but there is no clear pricing anywhere on his site.

After getting in contact, people are referred to a private session with Mark where they can ask questions and inquire about the software. If interested, they are then sent a link to a page where they can subscribe and make a payment.

He markets his software as suitable for anyone who doesn’t have the time or knowledge to execute and/or manage their trades. From single or stay-at-home mothers to active day traders – that is a rather broad audience segment.

Our Dyno Trading Review

As beautiful a dream as Dyno Trading sells, it falls short of the promises it makes. There is no validity to any of the claims made on the website – from the AI-driven algorithm that captures ‘the exact top and exact bottom, of all trading markets”.

Mark Wentz claims Dyno Trading uses the exact same trading software available only to prop trading firms on Wall Street. However, it is nearly impossible to confirm any of the claims he has made on his profile, including verifying his identity. The picture he’s used is taken from the Internet and cannot be linked to an actual ‘Mark Wentz’. His YouTube channel boasts 18k subscribers but it sheds no light on his identity – it is nothing but financial propaganda.

In addition to this, there is no verified track record of trading and the financial reports available appear fake as they do not meet the CFTC regulations (check commodity Exchange act) for producing trading statements. Compared to other companies, like Quant Savvy who can provide live brokerage statements on request, providing verifiable trading statements should not be considered an ‘out of norms’ request (see Quant Savvy review).

The blog on the website is inactive with the last post dating from December, 2019. There are additional products marketed on the site like Trading Courses but the buttons ‘Learn More’ do not work when you click on them.

Overall, this seems like a cheap ploy to populate the website with sufficient content to make it appear legitimate, get Google to index it and also confuse the financially naïve into thinking Dyno Trading is a worthwhile investment.

Latest Reviews of Clients of Dyno Trading

While there are no ‘official’ reviews (unlike Quant Savvy reviews which are verified by a 3rd party) of clients using the software other than client testimonials posted to the actual site full of praise, there are some concerning comments and allegations made by people on other sites and forums. Almost all of them deal with money loss after investing in Dyno Trading and a great number reference Mark Wentz’ ‘shady attitude’ and rude behavior towards prospective clients.

Some of them read:

“In the past, I have contacted Mark, as I was also interested in this software. After only a few questions from my side, he became extremely rude and blatantly told me to get lost and not contact them again.”

“I contacted Mark when I needed help and what I need to do if it was wrong I got f*ck you or he never responded I have all his message I have all his emails dont try to help this man if you are with him If your a paying customer like me and tell him things that are happening he doesn’t want that he wants people to give praise to his system since its so good I lost 3,500 with him.”

Another review pulled from a highly popular Futures Forum questions the legitimacy of some of the marketed products;

“The “Dyno” bars are nothing more than the universal renko bars set to approximately 1, 150, 15. If you set it up in replay and watch what’s really going on, you would see that it’s a big time loser.

First, measure the width of those bars. The large spikes are about 30-40 pts.  Second, analyze the timing. In the example attached, which is May 5, 2019, NQ, the big spike closes at 7:03 AM PST. The run up is about 11 minutes, at which point you have to know to get out. Why? Because it’s going right back down in a nano second and you’re on the downhill side of the roller coaster.

Meanwhile, when you’re actually in the trade, you better have some Pepto handy because you’re going to be rockin’ and rollin’ on the NQ like a yo-yo.  I came across that guy on YouTube. The jpg is of a model from HeadShots in NYC. I can guarantee that his “software” will take you for a wild ride up and down volatility until you realize that the whole setup is ridiculous…”

Final Word on Dyno Trading

Not only does Dyno Trading look less than legitimate but there is no indication as of the present moment that the site is still active. None of the buttons to ‘View Demo’ of each of the products or ‘Learn More’ work and only the contact form is functional.

The social media channels for Dyno Trading have not been active since January and even before that, the content posted is sporadic and stars many different ‘traders’ but not Mark Wentz himself. There are some comments below some of the videos to create the impression of a visited account and active social media presence but they are mostly from people from third-world countries and look fake.

All in all, there is nothing to indicate that Dyno Trading is worth testing even if you have spare $4,000 lying around.

Forex trading software is an indispensable part of the strategies for many day traders but the Dyno Trading software does not seem to make the cut. It makes big promises about complicated factors but doesn’t focus on more important things, such as accessing market information in real time.

It seems unreasonable for the software’s creator to claim it can track with precision all tops and bottoms of ‘all tradable markets’. No other tool or software makes such a bold claim and one that is virtually impossible to achieve.

Dyno Tradng may have some positive components that aid a trader’s strategy and decision-making but it should be used with caution. There are no universal solutions in a sector that is as dynamic as the markets themselves and what works for one trader may not work for the next.

While there is not sufficient information to conclude that Dyno Trading is a scam, at this point in time, traders would be wise to opt for one of the other techniques and systems available for trading the foreign exchange market.



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  1. I lost around $1k with this guy. Hes recently been sending emails and texts to me since still on his marketing list but now offering a lifetime option of 3 easy $695 payments so I think he’s close to closing shop and milk what he can and shut down.


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