The Company

DekmarTrades #1 goal is to create successful, self-sufficient traders. “Join our community of successful traders who have an advantage on the stock market by using DekmarTrades powerful trading tools. DekmarTrades provides a Live Trading Stream, trade alerts from their so-called team. The DekmarTrades Alert Box will give you every entry and exit for your upcoming trade and acquire the highest level of trading education as DekmarTrades will go over live trading lessons every day. Hence, it is the same old live alerts, education and shilling going on like most trading rooms.

The Product

Alert Box – this is supposed to tell you exactly which stock you should be trading. This alert box seems like it is essentially an algorithmic trading strategy, therefore, they should easily be able to backtest this and provide results – well, of course, they have not done this because most likely it is useless!

Stock Trading Chat rooms – you will get access to trading chat room, live trading stream, alert follow stream, one on one chat room, SMS trading alerts, stock watchlist, previous day top gainers/losers, personal trading profile, free video training lessons and more! Let’s look at this more objectively – essentially this package is a Chat room with stream plus alerts (the rest is just fluff).

Selling T-Shirts and merchandise – oh no my bulls**t meter is going off the charts.

Scanners they provide for extortionate pricing is available with nearly all automated trading software for literally no cost. I mean Up Gappers – this is pretty much a given with nearly all trading software.

For anyone with an algorithmic trading system background you could probably code the rest of these scan within a couple of hours – I am being very reasonable in the time this takes as it does not take any real programming skills to design a scanner for consecutive candles (what they mean by this we have no idea as there is zero other info except buy now button).

In our opinion anyone selling the essentially a stock trading chat room product on internet its usually a red flag as a scammer especially considering there is no real free advice or knowledge anywhere to be seen on the site, We have no qualms with guys offering systems to build track records especially if they want to raise a fund and they have performance history and they take percent as a fee.

Clicking more info on any of these penny stock trading strategies only provides us with pricing and nothing more.


The DekmarTrades membership is $59.99 per months for all the chat room videos and alerts.

The Scanners have varying values but one, for example, is pre-market package which consists of finding Up Gapper and Down Gappers all for $399. Now, as far as I am aware this is probably available in nearly all trading software for free!

The other scanners consist of things like top gainers/losers and other useless stuff which again I reiterate is available mostly for free in nearly all retail trading software.

You can also buy the ridiculous T-Shirts for $12.99 – the image of a newbie sitting in their parent’s basement wearing one of these whilst getting scammed in penny stocks is making me want to cry and laugh at the same time.


Our DekamarTrades Review

First, let’s look at the DekmarTrades website we see nothing of any value. This is a poorly constructed trading website with limited information – the whole purpose of this website is to sell and not educate.

In our experience many of these stock trading rooms are bogus, if you have ever algorithmically traded then you will understand that even a 10-second delay in getting an alert is the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade. If quants are working on milliseconds and these guys are giving you SMS alerts you might as well forget about it – especially on illiquid penny stocks they trade.

DekmarTrades offers a useless Blog with zero information on it –  in fact, this is probably the worst blog information I have seen in a very long time. If these guys have such great lessons on stock education, then surely, they would have some high-quality articles just to lure guys in?

DekmarTrades offers nonstop learning only if you pay! Most strong companies understand if they have a high-quality product then they will at least bring tempt you by providing high-quality content – these guys are saying “were experts” with no proof of why we are prodigious or with anything of value anywhere on their website. Why would I sign up for such high-quality education when there is not even one article anywhere for free which even indicates these guys have a clue what they are doing.

No access to videos because you are not subscribed – what a surprise! However, we have watched a couple of videos on YouTube of DekmarTrades, he is offering very rudimentary information which has been repeated a thousand times about the cycle of buying and selling. This is a very Jordan Belfortesque type or presentation. As usual with the constant psychobabble and looking over trades in hindsight there is not an edge to be seen. The way these things work and have always worked is DekmarTrades is acting as a lecturer, they start by telling you everything that goes wrong with losing trade and the psychology of losing traders – the newbie then realised “Holy sh**, this is exactly what happens to me”. Then the next act is informing the newbie that if only they had this information they will no longer make the same mistakes. In this whole process, there is nothing of any real value or anything that constitutes a daytrading edge provided.

Results you say, well we would love to see some? All it shows for free is, of course, is a winning percentage which is just laughable! Who in their right mind cares only about winning percentage except for the newbie investor or trader.

  • No profit factors, no drawdown values, no Sharpe ratios, no slippage, no commissions, no monthly performance. If anybody thinks winning percentage is the only trait required for a winning system is clearly a newbie (if you are experienced investor then you should hang your head in shame) – in fact trade winning percentage is one factor of a winning system – some of the best systems, we have ever seen have been those with win percentage less than 50%.
  • Considering these guys are trading thinly traded stocks and do not show the timestamp of trades is telling, odds of you getting that same fill once they have typed it out or sent you an SMS is close to zero.
  • Winning percentage is useless on its own especially considering slippage and fill price. We could create a system with a 95%-win ratio on a backtest (this would be more info than what these guys provide already) – but the system will never work because it assumes it always gets the best fill price with no slippage and commission – beginners obviously will be easily fooled.

So, let’s assume I am a prospective client – I hear good things from a well know reviewer who despite his shady past is now a reformed good guy (what is the prison rehabilitation rate again? – reminds of the comebacks from the Christian evangelist) especially in the trading community (everyone deserves a second chance you guys say!). DekmarTrades show me nothing, no real content at all, no results except irrelevant winning percentage, we find t-shirts on sale and affiliate programs, we find multilevel pricing theme, so why on earth would anyone ever try these guys out?

Latest Reviews of Clients of DekmarTrades

They are selling fake dreams there are many ways to fake returns in a real account and show off, there are many ways to lie behind the screen, the sin is because the followers are average people who dont have any background in the investment field. These guys are youtube stars, we have started to see many of them growing in fame and attention, they are charging people to give them basic lessons and experiences, they are just fooling people with this idea of mentoring. A mentor is someone who has achieved or excelled in their field, these guys really should mentor on marketing.

Direct from a previous client:

Video titles lie in numbers how I made 10k 20 k …Today (a clear sign of Trader false advertising)

No talk about potential losses and the difficulty of trading, everything is easy. It’s like I can become a heart surgeon by watching a couple of youtube videos.

Their study lessons are so low in value and so cheap it can be found anywhere.

I myself can make 10 k a day in any high regulated brokers real account without losing nothing!

Here are some legitimate reviews from individuals with some trading knowledge particularly on penny stocks:

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We have this trading review and trading testimonial from on an individual who joined Dekmar chatroom back in July 2016:

His chatroom included 100 to 150 active regular traders, the rest were floaters (new subscribers who either have signed up for his two week free trail, or free chat Tuesday)  And for those who follow him for a while, know about the free chat Tuesday. In the recent days, his current chatroom subscribers are over 1000 members who are a mix of new and old traders. Furthermore, the average subscriber’s lifetime paid member would average 3 to 4 months until he/she figures out that its a total failure and end up losing his/her cash. Most new traders join chatrooms with an average 2,000 to 4000 USD account, in hopes they will turn it into a million dollar account. Total scam, nothing comes easy, especially earned money, unless you own a chatroom with subscribers over 1000 members.
To best explain my experience in chatroom pump and dumb, here is an intraday chart of a stock that was involved in a pump and dump.

Dekmar Testimonial 4.png
$ORPN started off opening at about 2.5 and it spiked and ran as high as 6, which is a major gain without news nor recent major changes in the company’s performance. I witnessed DekMar alerting this stock long once it breaks 3$, but he has entered a full position (9k plus shares) at average 2.7 and he sold in the low 4$ profiting about 15,000 USD in less than 45 minutes (due to multi halts) during trading hours.

The stock went down and back to the original 2.5ish price range in few hours. So, as you can see, it was a clear pump and dump trade that gave chatroom owner dekmar the biggest percentage gain, leaving his sheep followers in the dust. And if they are lucky, and smart they might of walked out with some gains but never as much as the owner of the alert he/she alerted inside their chatrooms.
Till today, I still can’t figure out why would anyone risk his/her own money trusting a scam artist and many other well-known traders in the same industry who combined have over 10k plus subscribers.”

Final Word on Dekmar Trades

TradingSchools whom appears to attack the TraderPorn guys seems to think these guys are legit, surprise surprise he is an affiliate of this company. We were informed that they were given a 5-star rating so we just had to check these guys out, everything in my core tells me these guys are not genuine, I mean who the hell sells T-Shirts.

The biggest factor in this review is the lack of high-quality education material required just to entice users to subscribe is non-existent, how do we judge the potential quality of work if nothing is provided, therefore, why would we join? Based on what do we make our decision?

The results provided talk about winning percentage which in any report is meaningless, this is not how automated system reports should be generated and most Quant traders or algorithmic trading system developers would simply scoff at how ludicrous this sounds. However, we understand to get the average newbie to join these guys only ever think about winning percentage – they don’t yet have a real understanding of how to analyse daytrading reports or what metrics to consider. I can understand why winning percentage would be appealing to these guys.

In addition to this, trading penny stocks with a wafer-thin volume mean that if this guy has 1000 subscribers minimum then there is no way any of these guys are getting even remotely close to the trading price fills Dekmar is getting. This is the old pump and dump in a new format, in the olds day brokers called their clients and now they use chat rooms.

Pump and Dump

  • Penny trades has been synonymous with luring in poor souls who are essentially looking to get rich quick. Anyone who has daytraded knows very well that penny stocks is something to avoid and very difficult to find any trading edge on this random and fill sensitive trading style.
  • Why Dekmar probably could verify his trades which might look good (even though he doesn’t)– think about what pump and dump are. If we have 1000 clients trading on margin (probably tied to other popular chat rooms as well)
  • now let’s examine a stock with a potential setup (we have no verifiable edge with this trade as its simply based on intuition)
  • we are the first to buy this stock, this buy order and price is then sent seconds or minutes later to chat room, then as SMS to the trader on the go, this same order is probably sent to other popular chat rooms.
  • penny stocks are thinly traded, even with average beginner client account with little capital this still adds up to a market moving amount when pooled together. The stock is, of course, going to rise.
  • just like magic Dekmar sells at a decent price before buyers run out and the stock ultimately plummets.
  • So, with the pump and dump Dekmar can post his trade to his followers and yes indeed it probably will show a profit just based on what we have defined above. A new follower will be wowed by this individual trading prowess which was literally based on the original stock pump and dump scam.

In terms of a legit (if you can consider an ex-con legitimate) tradingschools review website site giving this guy a good rating is a little unnerving and terrifying, any real systems trader, quant trader or algorithmic trading developer will understand very quickly that these guys have no real edge, or any trading results quantified. We also know the pump and dump scheme is massively profitable, who knows how much money is generated (could easily be millions over the year) – therefore, affiliates will be getting paid handsomely no matter how little they claim to be making. Nobody in their right mind would give these guys a good review.

We don’t like to review daytrading educators or review daytrading chat rooms because these guys are usually the worst of the worst. At least algorithmic trading system reviews can show quantified results based on actual back tested logic or edge, the investor is then free to analyse and scrutinise the information provided. These chatroom guys are all about narrative and basic material regarding psychology and having a trading plan, they are selling dreams and there is nothing scientific or quant driven about it. How do they even know they have a daytrading edge in the first place, surely, they can backtest and quantify their algorithmic trading edge. Any algo systems trader will show that even with a plan and your trading psychology under control you are still nothing without having a daytrading edge.

I hope other guys start to question these pump and dump type rooms (particularly affiliates) especially trading illiquid penny stocks, let’s see these guys do the same thing with liquid futures or liquid stocks – I mean surely the same technical analysis and trading plans apply right? They won’t because they know they can’t move those stock with their combined undercapitalised followers pooled income.

These guys are making decent money from just their subscriber business, but we guarantee they are making a hell of a lot more with the pump and dump scheme.



Avoid penny stocks – they are a curse to any newbie looking to get rich quick

Understand that the speed of your trade will be the deciding factor with your performance. Being seconds late in thinly traded penny stocks will always lead to poor entries.

Buy a good beginner book and forget the basic psychobabble these guys are spouting on about – the advice is very basic but can easily confuse newbies into thinking they are learning something that will make them a winning trader.

If these indicators work then surely trades must be based on rules, decisions are always based on rules. Why are these strategies not coded and backtested? The reason why they are not is because rubbish like RSI and moving averages do not work!

Avoid daytrading rooms unless it is just pure education with high-quality in-depth articles – certainly avoid get rich quick penny stock schemes. Question any affiliates who are hyping these charlatans.



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