was founded in 2018  as a review website that provides unbiased and honest reviews about all sorts of trading products.  We are tired of the lack of reviews for the growing algorithmic trading universe. With the lack of transparency and investors clamouring for new ways to outperform we are here to provide you with trusted reputable reviews.

Let us be the source of truth and help you make intelligent investment decisions.

We are here to provide unbiased reviews on algorithmic trading software products and companies. Unlike other questionable review sites, we have nothing to promote or sell, and we make no money from this website. The entire site is run at cost with no ads even.

About Our Algorithmic Trading Reviews

We do not want to destroy anyone’s business, if we write a bad review it will be based on sound research. We are willing to interact with all businesses should they want to give us new facts.

The trading software and trading education world are constantly evolving, we understand that products can have good years and bad years and this is normal but as long as we feel the product and long-term results are sound we can give an honest, informative insight.