The Company

Ferenc Meszaros is the Founder of Remek! Trading Systems based in Toronto, Canada.  Ferenc has been trading and designing trading strategies since 2010 and he writes on various subjects regularly in the Remek! blog. Remek! Trading Systems mission statement is to educate and guide people on how to use select software tools and acquire self-mastery and discipline in order to take charge of their own future by participating in the financial markets


The Product

They offer the REMEK! SYSTEM V2.0 which claims to have intelligent profit-grabbing and capital-preservation algos, unique instant reversal functionality, swing trading and position trading capabilities, intraday and overnight trading. Although they mention you can run the system in AUTO mode (essentially hands-free trading) they advise against it and recommend you supervise the trades.  They describe their product as a discretionary system with automated trade management functionality for the best mix of human analysis and machine-powered execution. It requires appropriate trading skills and effective decision-making by a human. Therefore, results among traders will vary based on their individual level of mastery. For this reason, there are no live trading results available to analyse which makes it harder for potential clients to decide to purchase who are looking for fully automated algorithm systems.

The Remek! System v2.0 comes in three editions:

– BASIC  is best suited for intraday swing trading.
– ADVANCED allows both intraday swing trading and intraday position trading
– PROFESSIONAL  allows both swing and position trading both intraday and on overnight (any) timeframe.

The Basic Edition of v2.0 includes minor adjustments and a faster speed compared to v1.x. The Advanced and Professional Editions of v2.0 provide much more flexibility than any previous v1.x versions or the v2.0 Basic Edition. This includes the ability to adapt to various trading styles and techniques (e.g. both swing and position trading; the Basic Edition only does swing trades, while the Advanced and Professional Editions allow both swing and position trading), and the ability to trade on any timeframe, including overnight trading (the Basic Edition only trades intraday).

You must have NinjaTrader7 and BloodHound (Ultimate) installed on your system and Blackbird is highly recommended.  A live data feed (e.g. CQG, Kinetick etc.) is recommended. For v2.0 Basic and Advanced Editions, you will also need at least SiProRenko bars or SiBTRenko bars. No support is offered for third party bars.



They offer a 15 day free trial to new clients and pricing is based on the package you opt for (see below);

 Remek Pricing


Latest Reviews

Yes, I have some experience with Remek. Very nice and helpful. They use Bloodhound strategy templates, Harry’s Coral filter for mean price rotation, Harry’s trigger lines and unirenko or similar BH hybrid bars. The idea is to find the bottom/top in a mean rotation pullback for entry into a trend. In my personal experience, I found very little edge here. Also, the BH templates take way too long to switch from long to short. Not only that but they have an auto setting that I was told never to use(?). The posted trades on their blog are in sim mode only and are quite obviously selected. I have no affiliation or interest in this company or its representatives. Hope this helps.


Final Word

If you are looking for a fully automated algorithmic trading system which will yield profitable returns, this may not be the product for you as the company claims it needs a human discretionary factor added to it.  This would not be suitable for novices looking to invest their money with minimal day to day involvement, and for this reason, we rank REMEK:


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