The Company

The Tradoto website first appeared in late 2016 (according to Archive.Org) which corresponded with a listing on the NinjaTrader Ecosystem.  However, the website claims they have been in business for 8+ years. There is no detailed information on the founder or team except for the website mentioning “TRADOTO was founded by a group of 5 traders who love what they do – trading the market.”

The Product

The website claims TRADOTO is a powerful automated trading algorithm that can be applied to any market and any time chart, allowing fully automatic real-time trading. The company is selling a fully automated trading strategy that intraday trades any of the following markets:

  • Crude Oil Futures
  • E-mini SP500
  • Gold Futures
  • E-mini Nasdaq
  • Euro Futures
  • E-mini Russel
  • E-mini Dow Jones
  • Forex

There are no further details on how the actual system works or any detailed analysis of performance available to view.  Their website supposedly offers a ‘Live Stream’ where you can view trades on two futures instruments simultaneously on a real-time ‘simulated’ connection. However, this was not working when we visited the website and is hypothetical only as they are not traded from a live account.  There are no live brokerage results available either. This can be very off-putting for new potential clients.



Tradoto positions its offering as a bundle.  You can receive a free 7 Day Membership Trial, after which a charge of $399/month is applicable, which you can cancel anytime. With that price you receive;

  • Strategy for NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and TradeStation
  • Two licenses to host on two PCs simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of markets traded at the same time
  • Unrestricted position sizing
  • Ready to use chart template
  • Technical support
  • Complete Tutorial with Manual & Guide
  • Lifetime Updates (bug-fixing and new features)


Latest Reviews


Final Word

There is a serious lack of information on a number of things; the company, the owner, detailed analysis of the systems, live trading results to name a few!  Also, the difficulty in finding a single review from a customer on the entire web could serve as a warning to potential clients.

For these reasons, we rank Tradoto:


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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One thought on “Tradoto Algorithmic Trading Review

  1. Hi, This is pure garbage, they take your money and run away, I recommend getting away from this website.
    I bought the 30-day trial version for about $ 480 approximately, (this trial option is no longer available)
    The supposed market entry and exit system based on 3 simple strategies:
    – Support and Resistance
    – ichimoku cloud
    – SMA (mobile average)

    They recommend that you mainly use the system in demo mode and that you do a lot and many backtests, before using the systems in a real account.
    Do you sell an automatic system and the customer is backtesting one after another?

    For technical support, they do not allow communication by email, only using the ticket system of their website, the answers are eternal.

    As the previous user said, I have requested my money back several times, the answer was always negative, NO

    They always blame the customer for not having sufficient technical preparation or have not used the correct configuration parameters.

    An advice? Yes, get away from this site:



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