The Company

The Tradoto website first appeared in late 2016 (according to Archive.Org) which corresponded with a listing on the NinjaTrader Ecosystem.  However, the website claims they have been in business for 8+ years. There is no detailed information on the founder or team except for the website mentioning “TRADOTO was founded by a group of 5 traders who love what they do – trading the market.”

The Product

The website claims TRADOTO is a powerful automated trading algorithm that can be applied to any market and any time chart, allowing fully automatic real-time trading. The company is selling a fully automated trading strategy that intraday trades any of the following markets:

  • Crude Oil Futures
  • E-mini SP500
  • Gold Futures
  • E-mini Nasdaq
  • Euro Futures
  • E-mini Russel
  • E-mini Dow Jones
  • Forex

There are no further details on how the actual system works or any detailed analysis of performance available to view.  Their website supposedly offers a ‘Live Stream’ where you can view trades on two futures instruments simultaneously on a real-time ‘simulated’ connection. However, this was not working when we visited the website and is hypothetical only as they are not traded from a live account.  There are no live brokerage results available either. This can be very off-putting for new potential clients.



Tradoto positions its offering as a bundle.  You can receive a free 7 Day Membership Trial, after which a charge of $399/month is applicable, which you can cancel anytime. With that price you receive;

  • Strategy for NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and TradeStation
  • Two licenses to host on two PCs simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of markets traded at the same time
  • Unrestricted position sizing
  • Ready to use chart template
  • Technical support
  • Complete Tutorial with Manual & Guide
  • Lifetime Updates (bug-fixing and new features)


Latest Reviews


Final Word

There is a serious lack of information on a number of things; the company, the owner, detailed analysis of the systems, live trading results to name a few!  Also, the difficulty in finding a single review from a customer on the entire web could serve as a warning to potential clients.

For these reasons, we rank Tradoto:


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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